Sibelius (1993)

The company, Sibelius Group, was founded in 1993 by Ben and Jonathan Finn from the United Kingdom to sell the music notation program, Sibelius. Initially it was developed for the Acorn Archimedes computer. In 1998 the software was released for Windows and Mac.

Sibelius is used to create, edit and print musical scores. It enables a composer or arranger to notate all types of music including the most complex of scores (such as modern orchestral music). It also allows scores to be played back or turned into MIDI or audio files, and to create a CD. In addition, scores can be synchronized to video or to audio. Sibelius also includes educational features such as built-in music teaching materials, and the ability to run and manage multiple copies of the software on a network. Third-party software can be used to scan and create a Sibelius score from printed music.

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